Monday, June 16, 2008

Goodbye Google Browser Sync

Google Browser Sync is one of the most useful firefox extensions ever made. It syncronises all your saved passwords, bookmarks, history and even opened tabed between different machines. So far it only supports FF2. Many users of firefox were postponing adopting FF3 until an updated version of Goolge Browser Sync arrives.
Unfortuanatly, Google decided to step on the hearts of thier fans and stop development on Google Browser Sync and even stopping the service by the end of 2008. source

Don't cry your eyes out, there is still some hope. Mozilla is working on "Mozilla Weave" which will feature almost all the features that Google Browser sync had. To add icing on top of the cake it is updated to FF3 and would lunch for public testing on Friday 20th June 2008. learn more