Monday, July 30, 2007

Arabic or Not?

Recently I am having a desire to start blogging in arabic for several reasons:
1. I should help (if I can) to enrich the arabic presence in WWW.
2. I need to work on my arabic writing skills.
On the other hand, there are reasons that make me not want to do it:
1. I can barely put some stuff here to keep it updated. How about two blogs?
2. I may get into trouble blogging in arabic since I'll talk about politics if I ever made an Arabic blog.
I added a poll to this blog. Awaiting your responses......


khalid [Studio KHALID] said...

In addition, it helps you "sell" your posts (not literally though :P ) . Although that entirely depends on where you actually sell it: if you are participating (comments..etc) on many English Blogs then blogging in Arabic might not be a good approach, as most of your visitors will be coming from those English Blogs, and would most probably not be able to read Arabic.

If you're visiting a lot of Arabic Blogs, however, then blogging in Arabic will get you into the pool.

Best of luck

Snakodus said...

Thanks for the comment it certainly have helped me.

Honga said...

noooooooooooooooooo arabic

coz I hate politics

I have already get my balls shattered with your technical blogs !