Thursday, November 8, 2007

Flock - The Social Web Browser

With the ever increasing popularity of Web 2.0 based websites e.g. Flickr, Photobucket, YouTube, MySpace etc.. The demand for browser extensions for these services has been booming. No need to search for extensions no more: Meet Flock a new web browser based on Firefox code which integrates the most desired Web 2.0 features. On top of a very wonderful UI you get all those unique features:

1. Advanced RSS feed reader.
2. Friend list from YouTube, MySpace, Facebook all in one tab with update notice.
3. Drag and Drop photos to sharing websites.
4. Blog Editor which supports most major Blogging sites.

What I liked in the little time I had trying this browser is the MyWorld tab which includes everything a person usually do when going online each day. A real start page (GoodBye google as my homepage).

The browser is now version 1.0 beta so a lot of improvement are coming in the way. Try it out and post your impressions

Flock - The Social Web Browser

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